July 20, 2011
LABjs updated has been updated to version 2 with updated features.

Super Fast web pages

 After optimizing your web server and database, what is the next frontier for website performance?

EasyCFM Tutorials

A list of tutorial downloads from

Location-Based Marketing

Use the foursquare service to encourage brand-loyalty 

February 12, 2010
Output grouping in mvc with LINQ

You can either group your LINQ query or group on the View - I prefer to group on the View.

February 5, 2010
Merced Theme Color Guide

 Merced's theme is made up of over 20 colors, but many can be combined to reduce the number of colors to around 10. This makes it easier to create new themes.

January 12, 2010
Billboards in Google Street View?
Check out the Mura Show

The Mura show covers some great topics related to the Mura CMS.

New Site!

Welcome to the new NM Consulting, LLC site!